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Happiness lives within us all. Turn inwards and embrace your light. 

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Your are already powerful. It's your mind set that needs to catch up.  

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Delve into your depths and discover your remarkable resilience to overcome.

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Reconnect with your True Self; before the expectations and social norms.

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Affirmations: Your Cheat code to Life

Affirmations: Your Cheat code to Life

Okay, I can literally feel some of the sighs rolling off your lips, guys!  And I get it - the word "affirmations" has really been squeezed into spaces it most definitely was not meant to go!  Maybe it's just me, but I'm fed up with hearing people use affirmations in...

The uncomfortable truth about Self-care

The uncomfortable truth about Self-care

(By Christa Stander) All of us sometimes face stressful circumstances like ill health, a financial crisis, job loss, divorce, or, as is the case now, the COVID-19 pandemic. We may think that prioritizing self-care will be obvious,  but it is often the first thing that...


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