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Meet the coaches who will help you reach your desires!

Our Story…

MindShape is the brainchild of a unique mother-daughter-coaching-duo, with 4 years combined experience in the therapeutic and coaching industry. Living half-way across the world from each other at the time, both mother and daughter discovered coaching as an answer to a more effective, impactful service.  Call it fate, destiny, or blazing your own trail, they eventually reunited with their own unique skills to join up under the MindShape banner. 

MindShape’s core focuses within the coaching industry are neuro coaching, training and profiling. Our company aims to transform, empower and equip Individuals, teams and companies through various services.  These services are motivated by sound, ethical business principles. For a full description of our services, click here. 

Our head office is based in the Southern Cape, and although MindShape is a home-grown, local company, our reach extends into the global community. 

Our Values & Beliefs

Thrive, not just survive

This is probably the single biggest driving factor for us at MindShape and what gets us out of bed in the morning. Encouraging and empowering people to live a life worth living has become part of what makes us thrive.  We genuinely believe that all people deserve to be happy and live a life of abundance and joy.  The power of happiness and abundance lies with the individual, and we want to help you take back your power.

Intrinsic Potential

All humans have the capacity for growth and the potential to be great.  We often use the analogy of the human mind as a high-functioning, super-machine.  If you program it correctly, it’ll produce what you want.  The potential is there; all you need are the skills and knowledge to use it.

Feather-soft, yet soul-deep

Our style of coaching is based on this principle.  We provide the support and the compassion, and our clients add the courage to face the light and shadow-side of their challenges. We’ll never force you to tread where you don’t want to go. However, when you’re ready, we’ll walk with you to your deepest depths. 

Meet Christa

As the wife of a former fruit farmer and the mother of a risk-loving son and triplet daughters, I am uniquely equipped to deal with life’s drama.  Constantly growing through the different phases and stages of life, I’ve lived and learned to thrive. 

Before I became a professional coach, I’ve gained a wealth of experience in working with people of all ages in the Health, Wellness and Education world.  I find pleasure in guiding and supporting people in navigating life’s challenges and achieving their full potential to become who they are created to be. I will go the extra mile to help them get there.  My heart lies with those who cannot speak out for themselves and those include children – the future of our beautiful country.

I would like to hand you the keys to unlock the hidden entrapments of your mind. This process is gentle and safe. I will provide a non-judgmental environment and guide you in a way that is feather soft, yet soul deep.

Topics that I am passionate about and have unique experiences/successes in, include:

  • Intervention and timeline-coaching™
  • Discovering yourself and your purpose in life
  • Parenting and family life

I am a Certified Neuro-coach, Internationally Certified mBIT Coach, NLP Practitioner, Facilitator and Group Trainer with a B.Sc in Physiotherapy.

Meet Chrisna

If dreams were only realised when we slept, I would’ve been a professional snoozer.  Luckily, that’s not the case, and I’m privileged enough to be a neuro-coach instead.  Coming from the Health and wellness industry with a therapeutic background, I dived into the coaching world and I’ve never looked back.  Living abroad and working with people for the last few years has been an exhilarating yet daunting, learning-filled experience. It has helped me develop a better understanding of the human psyche, gain new insights and knowledge related to human potential and a depth of compassion. I’ve come to see myself and others as Human-becomings, instead of human-beings, with the understanding that we are always able to change and grow. 

My coaching style is an extension of my personality: a compassionate, yet straightforward-no-BS approach, which makes me a great challenge- and accountability partner. 

Topics that I am passionate about and have unique experiences/successes in:

  • Relationship Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence & Soft Skills
  • Expat living

Topics we can address:

  • Goal achievement: Personal & Professional
  • Tackling procrastination and developing consistency
  • Living mindfully
  • Personal development: Thriving, not just surviving
  • Emotional Intelligence skills: Drive, Self-regulation & Social Regulation
  • Relationships: Increased satisfaction, harmony & being in love
  • Soft Skills with Hard Results: Assertiveness, Team work, Problem solving, Effective communication & Conflict management
  • Parenting Skills & Guidance
  • Getting unstuck from limiting habits, fears and issues
  • Making the wisest choice in the shortest time: it’s science
  • Dealing with losses and trauma
  • Transitioning: life phases, jobs, cities, countries, you name it

Know this: Coaching is an investment, not an expense!

The world is all  about smart investments, yet not nearly enough is said on the most important investment you could possibly make – YOU!  Investing in yourself will be the investment you make with the smallest risk and biggest return. Think about it this way:  you are the only asset you can never lose and always have access to.  Wouldn’t it make sense to invest in that one, certain asset to serve you?  We believe it. So do countless successful actors, business people, mega-business directors and influencers and they are reaping the rewards of their investments. 

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