Okay, I can literally feel some of the sighs rolling off your lips, guys!  And I get it – the word “affirmations” has really been squeezed into spaces it most definitely was not meant to go!  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fed up with hearing people use affirmations in the same way you would “wishing”, “hoping” and “magic”, as if they were synonyms. Affirmations are not something you wave through the air and make a rabbit pop out of thin air. Rather, affirmations can become your secret cheat code to life, and if you know how to “code”, you can beat the system.


What is it & Why should you care?

Affirmations are phrases and sentences that you speak or repeat, that affirm a specific thought and mindset to build future-focused neural pathways. Really, it’s a way of focusing your mind on a specific train of thought, to help you adapt your attitude and mindset towards a set goal or vision.

To me, affirmations are like the code you use when programming or coding (which I know little about, so let’s not quote me on my coding jargon, okay?).  You feed a set of instructions into a computer to get a specific result.  Just like when you code, you use affirmations to instruct your brain on what and how to focus.  The type of affirmations you use depends on the situation, and the clearer the instructions, the better the end result.


Why I care about affirmations.

Recently, we’ve been going through a lot of changes in our business, as well as massive shifts in my personal life. (Hint: I’m moving to a beautiful little cottage overlooking a stunning mountain range).  All of these changes are exciting but also a little scary at times. I’ve been using a set of affirmations that help me focus on embracing the changes, setting an expectant and optimistic attitude, and a resilient and determined mindset. Lately, I even find myself using these phrases and sentences like mantras at random intervals in the day, when I need a little bit of courage or a motivational boost.  I feel more motivated in general, I’m able to get more work done during the day and, most importantly, I’m much less sensitive towards criticism (which is 99% fabricated by my own mind, of course).

I set my list based on my intention and my desired outcome.  For example, if you want to nail a killer presentation at work, you’d be well served by focusing on affirming your courage, your intuition, your adaptability, your self-worth, and your assertiveness.  Likewise, if you want to improve your financial situation, you’d look at affirmations that set a positive attitude and approach with regard to money and finances.


Start Simply

Really, just keep it simple in the beginning.  If you’re completely new to the concept of affirmations, I want to encourage you to give it a go.   If you’re uncertain of where to start, listen to our Audio.  Take 2 minutes every day to mindfully repeat these affirmations to yourself for 7 days, and watch how your life changes.

If you already use affirmations in your life, I want to encourage you to explore using intent-specific affirmations, like Affirmations for new beginnings, – a time of Loss or – increased motivation. Check out this incredible site by Chelsea Coffey, where you can find a variety of incredible intent-focused affirmations.  This has been one of my main sources of inspiration lately.

We’d love to hear from you.  Connect with us and share your thoughts and questions!