I can’t tell you how frequently I hear people saying something like: “I just want to feel free, again!, I don’t know what my purpose is”, “I feel like I’m stuck in a life-long rut!”.  It’s never just as simple and straightforward as A-B-C, but sometimes I think it starts with the simple B-S-S, or Body, Soul & spirit.   Three words that have truly been taken around the block a couple of times! In many different costumes and styles.  However, I’ve found that the answer to these questions often lies in understanding how the different parts of you create the whole.  By knowing who we are, we can live a life of purpose and freedom. 


What is the difference between our Body, Soul, and Spirit?

We’re going to keep it really simple, because we know you’ve got places to be. 

We are blessed with 3 components, namely the body, the soul (also known as the mind), and the spirit.  

Each one of these parts has a specific function and even a unique ‘personality’, created to align with our higher purpose in life.  

  1. The frame is our bodily features and here we experience our bodily senses which include sight, taste, smell, hear, and touch. (Even part of our intuition can lie in our bodies, but that is a discussion for another time.)
  2. The soul then again is our humanity that makes us experience emotions. This is also where you will find your thoughts, will, and mind.  This is why we sometimes refer to the soul as the Mind.
  3. Finally, our spirit is our deepest essence of who we truly are.  It is infinite, ageless, and timeless.  It is our deeper connection to the Universe and ultimately to our Creator and Highest Spiritual Being.


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