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Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

These services are for the individual who strives for more. All coaching services are characterised by a personal relationship between you and your coach, where your coach will act as a thought-, change- and accountability partner to get you from where you are to where you dream to go. These services are there to help you grow and overcome whatever is keeping you stuck, whether it be a personal, professional or social challenge.

Our Coaching Services


Neuro-coaching is the integration of neuroscience, performance psychology, and neuro-linguistics. It is an action oriented and future focused process. It will help you through learning, rather than teaching, how to evaluate your life and see it from a different perspective. And then, while you take the necessary steps to reach your goals, your coach will support and challenge you all the way from planning to execution so you can get where you want to be at.

Call Coaching

This service is specifically designed to make your coaching journey as flexible as you want it to be.   With our Call coaching service you get the exact same service as Neuro-coaching, from the comfort of your home or work.  All our sessions will be completed through Skype/Video calls. 

Intervention Coaching

They key is “intervention”.  It is a great variety of proven techniques* that can help people deal with past trauma or negative thinking patterns. These thinking patterns can prevent you from living fully because you are held back by limiting mindsets such as “fear-thinking” or “I-am-not-good-enough”. These thinking patterns let you get stuck in certain behavioral patterns that are not to your advantage.

Coaching Services Include

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) include a subset of techniques that are globally recognised to re-wire your brain neurons to serve you. This is one exception to the talk-is-cheap rule. 

mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) is a current technique that assists you to get to the core of un-serving mindsets and help you to align your different intelligences to take wise decisions and grow in Wisdom.  This technique is on the forefront of coaching develop – in fact,  we boast one of less than 2000 mBIT coaches worldwide!


There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

All training courses are done in group-format, unless otherwise requested.  These training courses are mostly done in workshop format, with an interactive style.  Learning is increased exponentially through participation.  With a strong social learning element to them, they are still personal and intimate.  Our facilitators are accredited SETA facilitators and have a wealth of experience to make your training experience worth your investment.

What Is Life Coaching?

Discover-your-purpose Course

This program has been updated an improved over 20 years, touching 1000’s of people! It’s focused on self-development and runs over a full day, because you’re worth it.  The focus stem from the scientific point that we are all body, soul and spirit and these elements are created for a specific task.  When we know and understand our own physical make-up, we can live to our full potential and accept that we are wonderfully made to be here, at this time, for this life!

Basic Coaching Skills Training @ Teachers & Businesses

This is a basic coaching course, presented to teachers,  that teaches attendees the basic principles and skills of coaching.    Along with improved insight into the neurology of themselves and students, this course uniquely equips teachers and educators to manage and instil change in student behaviour.  Just imagine, knowing how to get students to make wise choices and, on top of that,  claim responsibility for their actions! To top it  off, teachers can get up to 25 SACE points for completing this course.

MindShape works in conjuction with Lusa* to reach teacher throughout South Africa.

Basic Coaching Skills Training @ Coaches

This is a basic coaching course, targeted at individuals who are interested in becoming a coach themselves.  This 40-hour training will equip you with the basic skills you need to start your journey as a coach and complete your accreditation.  Being a coach a a continuous learning journey and a good start to that journey is a win.


* Lusa Community Chest is an accredited training provider with ETDP SETA, Registration Number 2280, SACE Provider Number 13142, as well as a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor.

Parenting Workshop

Due to a high demand, we are proud to announce that MindShape will soon launch a parenting workshop! Who better to facilitate this workshop than a mother of quadruplets and an energetic son, who has lived and thrived through ADHD-challenges, the loss of a child and the mother-of-all empty-ness-syndromes. 


If this resonates with you, don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal coaching parent journey!



Ready to overcome the obstacles holding your back?

Although it sounds like a Crime Drama, profiling has very little to do with classifying someone into a specific box.  Rather, these profiling tools are used to gain valuable insights for self-development, to gain insight into, and improve, interpersonal relationships, to improve team-work and productivity in a professional environment and to view and use your mind and personality as indispensable resources in your everyday life.

Our Services

Enneagram: Integrative Solutions

Enneagram is a world-renowned personality assessment tool, that has been fine-tuned by Integrative Solutions.  Ennea stands for 9 and each number represents a worldview and archetype that resonate with your core motivation and drive, along with a core fear and vice (i.e. 9 personality types with different drives and fears). Understanding the motivation and fear that drives, feelings, thoughts and actions can hep you regulate feelings, manage emotions better and act smartly. Growth starts with awareness! 

Neurolink neuro-agility Assessment

Neuro-link’s purpose is to develop people. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Our cutting edge, neuro-agility assessments measure the ease, speed and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information and offers suggestions and solutions to improve their performance. 

All people have potential, but different kinds of potential, depending on their neurological design. Much as the acorn holds the potential for becoming a majestic oak tree, we believe every human being’s unique potential dictates that they can become a giant in their own respect. The point of departure for discovering the giant within starts with accurately identifying and understanding your unique neurological design that determines your unique learning potential.

Your agility to relearn, unlearn, multi-skill and think fast and easy and have the mental flexibility to adapt and adjust to disruptive change fast, will be one of the most sustainable ingredients needed in the future, to not only survive, but also thrive.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We offer a recommended, free chemistry session before we start a coaching journey. The aim of this is for you to determine if you connect with our coaches.  It’s also to ensure that we decide on the best services for you to get the best returns on your investment.  Sometimes you know what you want beforehand, and that’s great.  Being uncertain as to what your specific needs are is understandable. We’ll explore this and delve into understanding and awareness. 


Choose a Coaching Plan

Based on the information and needs identified in the chemistry session, your coach will make a recommendation for a specific coaching plan.  This get your neurology settled in for the commitment to growth.   As the coaching journey progresses and you have insights or become aware of other needs, you might want to adapt your plan to suit this. These plans are flexible and pricing will be adapted with the plan.  Please feel free to speak to your coach about payment plans. We also have certain set discounts, e.g. couples discount and package deals.  See the list below for more information, or ask your coach.

Reach Your Goals

Once you have signed your indemnity agreement with your coach, you can start you journey towards growth and abundance.

3-Session Coaching Journey

This is ideal for Short-term changes, decision-making and skills development. Also a good package to combine with profiling assessments.                  


  5-Session Coaching Journey

Ideal for personal development-, relationship development-, professional development and EQ journeys. 


Intervention-Coaching Combo

Intervention Coaching is most effective when combined with a coaching journey.  This discount is stackable with coaching packages


Couples Coaching 

Intervention Coaching is most effective when combined with a coaching journey.  This discount is stackable with coaching packages