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Frequently Asked

What is Neuro-Coaching?

It’s a professional relationship in which a coach will act as a growth and accountability partner to help clients set goals and achieve them, push their own boundaries and achieve more than they would have done on their own, increase their productivity and to get unstuck when limiting beliefs or habits are keeping you stuck. Neuro-coaching brings a holistic approach to coaching, as clients will experience internal shifts that will lead to long-term behavioural change.

What does a neuro-coach do?

A coach is a thought-partner, who will challenge your perceptions and beliefs.  A coach is a growth-partner who will help you grow, even beyond what you maybe thought possible. A coach is an accountability-partner who will give you a gentle nudge and keep you accountable in achieving your goals. 

A neuro coach will work with neuro-scientific theory as their point-of-departure, taking your neurology and the science behind thoughts, cognition and the limbic system into account to ensure that you get the best possible growth from you coaching journey.

What Neuro Coaching is NOT?

It’s not a platform for advice-giving.  A great coach will not give advice because he/she knows that the client has an intrinsic potential for growth and already have the answers inside of them.  A great coach will help you get to those answers.

Coaching is also not supposed to be painful.  Shifting boundaries and challenging your comfort zone will cause a degree of discomfort but your coach will not take you through trauma or pain again and again. 

Is coaching the same as therapy?

No.  Although there are similarities, the focus of the relationship is different. In therapy, the focus is on understanding the past, working through issues and understanding human behaviour.  In coaching the focus is on achieving personal and professionals goals.  While working towards those goals, the knowledge of these things may come to a client and can be successfully be dealt with, but it’s not the main focus.


Coaching takes a solution-focused, future-oriented approach.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach often used in coaching, that focuses on perceptual, behavioural and communication techniques.  It refers to your neurology,  your brain language and how these two interact and function. Used in coaching, it can be a beautiful additional tool to change thoughts and actions to achieve your desired outcomes.  These techniques can also be used to address phobias, anxiety and trauma.

Yes, both MindShape’s coaches are accredited NLP Practitioners.

How can a profiling tool be used to assess me? I am unique.

Correct, we are all unique in a sense and it would be impossible to classify someone 100% correctly in every aspect of their life.  Therefore, profiling assessments are developed with a  specific approach in mind and will measure your grouping within that aspect, e.g. what motivates your action, or what dominant neurological characteristics do you display in learning, etc. That is why there is such a beautiful variety of assessment tools available.  A good coach will recommend the assessment tool that will give you the best insight to achieve your current goals.

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The biggest barrier between you and your success is your mind set.  A coach can help you set and achieve your goals. And to silence the voice in your head that says otherwise.

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